Introducing Kishan S and Debarshi Mondal: Our Speaker for AWS Community Day Bangalore 2024!

Announcing our Speakers for AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2024.

AWS User Group Bengaluru (AWSUGBLR) thrilled to unveil the speaker for the upcoming AWS Community Day Bangalore 2024 event! This year, AWSUGBLR is pleased to present an esteemed individual who personifies innovation, proficiency, and an ardent commitment to the realm of cloud computing. Without delay, allow us to introduce our distinguished speaker:


Kishan S, Serverless Developer @ Serverless Guru

Debarshi Mondal, Serverless Developer @ Serverless Guru

Kishan S, as an experienced developer, he has crafted full-stack solutions for various projects, including building the Yamato Logistic website from front to back end using AWS serverless technologies like Lambda, S3, and DDB. He has also contributed to small-scale projects such as REQO and DevRev. Additionally, He regularly share insights and expertise through his blog on You can find his articles at

Debarshi Mondal, as a Serverless Full Stack Developer, he specialize in leveraging AWS Cloud-native services to develop and deploy applications, ensuring they are production-ready and cost-effective. With a focus on serverless and microservices architectures, his goal is to help clients optimize their products and businesses for profitability in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Passionate about embracing the future of serverless computing, he is dedicated to guiding clients towards innovative and sustainable solutions.

In the forthcoming talk, Kishan S and Debarshi will explore the subject of "Code to Conversation: Building an AI Chatbot with AWS Serverless & Amazon Bedrock".

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AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2024 is set to be a highlight in the calendar of AWS enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses looking to harness the full potential of cloud computing. Join us on 23rd March, 2024, at the Amazon Development Center, Bengaluru, for a day filled with knowledge, collaboration, and inspiration.

Event Details:

Date: 23rd March, 2024

Venue: Amazon Development Center, Aquila, Bagmane Constellation Business Park Block-7, Ferns City, Doddanekkundi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048

See you there!

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