Introducing Snowflake: Our Distinguished Gold Sponsor for AWS Community Day Bangalore 2024!

Announcing our Gold sponsor for AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2024.

AWS User Group Bengaluru (AWSUGBLR) extends a warm welcome to Snowflake, our Gold Sponsor for the eagerly awaited AWS Community Day Bangalore 2024 event! As we gear up for this highly anticipated gathering of cloud enthusiasts, developers, and industry experts, we are thrilled to have Snowflake on board as a key partner in our mission to celebrate innovation, collaboration, and the transformative power of AWS technology.

Snowflake, the cloud-based data platform, revolutionizes the way businesses manage and analyze their data. With its innovative architecture and scalability, Snowflake empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data, driving insights and innovation. Seamlessly blending flexibility and efficiency, Snowflake enables businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of data-driven decision-making.

Snowflake goes beyond being merely a remarkable technology company. Snowflake's focus lies in enabling streamlined access to vast amounts of data, along with providing cutting-edge tools, applications, and services. Through the Data Cloud, users can collaborate both locally and globally, unlocking fresh insights, uncovering unforeseen business prospects, and engaging with customers seamlessly to deliver relevant experiences in real-time.

As we eagerly anticipate the AWS Community Day Bangalore 2024, we extend our sincere gratitude to Snowflake for their invaluable support as our Gold Sponsor. Their commitment to empowering developers and driving innovation aligns perfectly with the spirit of this event, and we are honored to have them on board as a key partner.

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AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2024 is set to be a highlight in the calendar of AWS enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses looking to harness the full potential of cloud computing. Join us on 23rd March, 2024, at the Amazon Development Center, Bengaluru, for a day filled with knowledge, collaboration, and inspiration.

Event Details:

Date: 23rd March, 2024

Venue: Amazon Development Center, Aquila, Bagmane Constellation Business Park Block-7, Ferns City, Doddanekkundi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048

See you there!

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