March 2021 Meetup: Best Practices for Logging

Join the AWS User Group Bengaluru for a virtual meetup focusing on Best Practices for Logging on 18 March, 2021. Our speaker for the meetup will be Lior Redlus, Co-founder at Coralogix.

Lior will focus on Best Practices for Logging and cover topics including

  • Formats – unstructured vs JSON
  • Log severity definition
  • Logging best practices
  • Alerts – why do you need them
  • Alerts – how to properly define
  • Alerts – to push or not to push
  • Benchmark versions
  • Logging to enhance your CI/CD
  • New approach towards logging

About the Speaker

Bio: Lior Redlus is co-founder at Coralogix. Lior holds a B.Sc and M.Sc degrees in Neuroscience and Information Processing from Bar-Ilan University and has been a statistics advisor for a variety of scientific research papers. Lior is enthusiastic about science and technology and likes everything pixel-perfect.

Follow Lior Redlus on LinkedIn.

Meetup Details

March 18 2021 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM GMT+5:30. Calendar reminder links:

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