Feb 2021 Meetup: Know the magic of AWS CloudFormation

Join the AWS User Group Bengaluru for a virtual meetup focusing on some AWS CloudFormation magic

Join the AWS User Group Bengaluru for a virtual meetup focusing on AWS CloudFormation on 19 Feb, 2021. Our speaker for the meetup will be Avinash Shashikant Dalvi who is a Full-stack developer at Eagleview India.

Avinash will cover CloudFormation and how it's going to help in AWS infra deployment. There will also be focus on creation of Lambda + API gateway and SNS subscription for Lambda failure mechanism.

About the Speaker

Bio: 10+ Years of experience as Full Stack Developer. Also worked as an architect for building solutions and products to help for automation. Solution-oriented and hands-on technical utility player. Having experience of more than 4 years of experience in E commerce and finance in each domain. Experience in driving business automation, marketing using technology. Strong follower of open source technology. Used PHP, Python, AWS and Angular as technology stack to build products. I write blog at www.internetkatta.com

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Meetup Details

Friday, February 19, 2021 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM GMT+5:30. Calendar reminder links:

Livestream and the Recording

The meetup will be livestreamed on Youtube. Join us, ask your questions and clear your doubts!

The video recording will also be available on the same link.

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