November Meetup: AWS Certification - How to get started, prepare, and get AWS Certified

Save the date !! We're super excited to host our November 2020 meetup with Piyush Jalan, Sr. Cloud Consultant, Deloitte on AWS Certification.

Title : AWS Certification - How to get started, prepare, and get AWS Certified

**Abstract : **Join the AWS User Group Bengaluru for an AWS Certification Meet-Up on 5th Nov 2020. We’ll hear personal stories from Piyush Jalan, go over the basics of getting AWS Certified, talk about how to prepare, and share a few pro tips. If you’re thinking about getting certified or looking for a new challenge, this meetup will help you get started. Have specific questions? We’ll have a Q&A with the presenters.

Speaker Bio : **[Piyush Jalan**]( working as Senior Cloud Consultant at Deloitte. He is a solution architect, possessing expertise in deploying & architecting hybrid systems with on-premises and cloud components and capability to provide best practices for building secure and reliable applications on the cloud platform. He has around 5 years of experience with AWS/GCP/Azure, Microservices, Containers and DevOps tools. He enjoys talking about new technology and is always up-to-date with all new technology updates.

Date and Time :

Thursday, November 5, 2020 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM GMT+5:30


**Read more about AWS Certified Global Challenge : **

Online Event : The YouTube link will be shared 30 mins before the event.

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