June 2020 Meetup: AWS VPC 101

June 2020 meetup AWS VPC 101

It's networking time literally to learn virtually..

Mark your calendar to make your fundamentals stronger than ever with Ashwin Murali's AWS VPC 101 on 11th June 2020 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM IST.


  1. VPC introduction

  2. History of the VPC - EC2 classic --> AWS VPC

  3. VPC endpoints

  4. Subnets

  5. NACLs

  6. Security Groups

  7. Peering

About the Speaker

Ashwin Murali is a DevOps practitioner and cloud infrastructure expert. Ashwin has over a decade of experience working on public clouds with specialization on cloud migrations, infrastructure monitoring and automation.

Take Away

  • Validate your learnings with an online quiz at the end of the session and the top 3 winners will get $100 worth of AWS credits each

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