Know Your AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2019 Speaker - Ravikumar Kotta

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About AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2019

AWS Community Days are community-organized cloud education events, featuring technical discussions and demos led by expert AWS users and industry leaders from around the world. AWS community is designed to educate everyone about the AWS platform, architecture best practices and about new innovation. The global AWS ecosystem consists of a range of AWS enthusiasts and advocates who are passionate about helping others build.

It's a great pleasure to have Ravikumar Kotta as a speaker. Let's find out more about the person

Ravikumar Kotta


I am Ravikumar, have 8+ years of industry experience in IT software development. Currently working as Sr. Software engineer, that can help to provide observability for cloud-native, container-based applications. Prior to that worked for Startup and e-commerce companies for 6 years where I helped to build Chat software, Planning application, conference product using Java, Python, JavaScript technologies.

Job title:

Intuit, Senior Software Engineer

Fun fact:

I like horror movies.


I want to go to office by flying to avoid traffic.

Ravikumar Kotta will be speaking about Building Efficient, Scalable and Resilient Front-end logging service with AWS at the AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2019. You can connect with Ravikumar Kotta on LinkedIn.

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