Meetup report: June 2019 Meetup: Zero to 100 with #GraphQL on React Workshop

Summary of June 2019 Meetup to workshop on Zero to 100 with #GraphQL on React

June meetup started with an introduction and welcome note by Sathyajith, AWS Community Hero and co-orgainzer AWS User Group Bengaluru, setting stage for our speaker, Shahid from Hasura.

Equal Experts' open office was quite conducive for the workshop! Thanks to Vijay Sali & Pratap R V from Equal Experts for having everything in place.

Shahid started explaining why people are switching towards GraphQL and what are the advantages of GraphQL over REST.
There were not much people who were familiar with React in the meetup and at times Shahid have to touch base React also along with GraphQL starting from scratch. He covered almost everything from GraphQL including Realtime data handling using subscriptions.
Majority of the use-case was focused on Hasura, though some were wondering it should have been vanilla graphql, like running our own server or something. At the same time, people knew it wasn't fare to go deeper in it with the limited duration. One good thing about the workshop was all the instructions are there in accessible to everyone. Overall it was a great workshop!


The step-by-step guide of this hands-on workshop can be accessed from -

Sathyajith ended with a "Thank you, Note" and added details about our upcoming Community Day - 2019 ( ) and announced special 20% discount coupon MEETUP20 for the June meetup attendees with a validity over the weekend only. Well, if you get to read this blog, you might be a lucky one for the offer too.


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