#AWSSummit Mumbai - #CloudWarriors

AWS Summit 2019 Mumbai experience by Bhuvaneswari Subramani

CloudWarriors is a closed group invite only programme which aims is to bring together a group of recognized experts and trailblazing power users of AWS Cloud to share their experiences, learn from others and gain exclusive access to AWS resources. It is also a forum for most skilled customers to get more out of their AWS Cloud and become strong technology advocates.

For 2019 CloudWarriors programme, Rashmi Shreedharan have extended the invite to AWS User Group Leads and AWS Community Heros as well.


CloudWarriors started with registration, Lunch with Networking.

Dhruv Singhal, Head of Technology Amazon India extended a warm welcome and set a stage to introduce the benefits for being part of AWS CloudWarriors and what it takes to become a CloudWarrior.


Opening Keynote was by Olivier Klein, Head of Emerging Tech, APAC

where he spoke on Build in 2019: Distributed, Open, Data Centric and AI. His phrase Don't be a server hugger, think serverless! caught great attention that was needed the kick-off session.


Up next was Arun Gupta, Global Principal Source Technologist who took us through a stride on AWS Container Services Updates.

Its phenomenal that there have been 300% growth in running container instances over 15 months across startups, SMBs and Enterprises with 10 million+ tasks per week is being launched on AWS.

And the driving factors are of course to lower down failure rates and faster response to the customers.

Arun continued to explain how McDonald's home delivery application services 20K concurrent requests coming in multiple times of a day consistently.


Gabe Hollombe, Technical Evangelist in his talk on Machine Learning for Digital Transformation gave picturesque description about AWS's mission to put Machine Learning in the hands of every developer. Sounds like mission accomplished when we heard that 10k customers use ML on AWS.

Gabe walked us through the ML stack that have broadest and deepest set of capabilities.

Good to see how C-SPAN uses Amazon Rekognition to automatically index video news from footage. Yes, you can put AI to work for your business without any second thought.


After energizing tea break, Ninad Phatak, Big Data SA started on Effective Data Lake on AWS

Ninad took us a tour on how to ingest structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in AWS, store it in intermediate S3 bucket, process the data and store it in another S3 bucket and also send the processed data to analytics services like Kibana / EMR.


Chandrasekhar Bhosle (DreamPlug) spoke about their AWS Stack on Containers as part of Voice of Customer

Your Story

As part of your story, Mrudul Palvankar from Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. spoke about their seamless serverless solutions implementations.


On public demand, Gaurav, AWS Community Hero and Cloud Architect at Hotstar was asked to explain how they set the world record of 18.6 million views. The best part is that they were ready for 25 million concurrency tried and tested as part of their Gamedays.


No wonder that Hotstar's proud moments were honoured by Andy himself


At the end of the session, AWS User Group Leads & AWS Community Heroes across India tried to get into a Golden Frame along with Rashmi.


Networking & Dinner continued for next couple hours followed by a SWAG from AWS to all the attendees.