May Meetup: ComputerVision GluonCV & - Zero to Hero in 3 hrs with Alex Smola

May 2019 meetup features a star speaker Alex Smola - Director of Machine Learning at AWS

Alex Smola

Save the date! We're super excited to host our May 2019 meetup with a star speaker Alex Smola - Director of Machine Learning at AWS


Computer vision is one of the key applications of deep learning. Object recognition, detection, segmentation, and pose estimation are by now staples of modeling with deep networks. In this tutorials Alex will give a brief introduction to MXNet Gluon.

This is followed by an in-depth discussion of modern convolutional networks, including ResNet, ResNext and SENet. We will cover models for detection such as YOLO and SSD. This is followed by image segmentation (e.g. via MaskRCNN) and semantic segmentation.

We conclude by reviewing the problem of pose estimation and a review of content available at, a novel open source textbook on deep learning, based on Jupyter notebooks, that is fully executable by its readers.

  • Unit 1 - Introduction to MXNet Gluon (tensors, Autograd, devices, basic training)
  • Unit 2 - Modern convolutional neural networks (ResNet, ResNext, SENet)
  • Unit 3 - Object detection (YOLO / SSD)
  • Unit 4 - Image Segmentation (Mask RCNN)
  • Unit 5 - Pose Estimation Unit 6 - Dive into Deep Learning (

Pre Requisites

  • Please bring your laptops along for the hands-on. WiFi access would be provided at the venue.
  • The participant needs to do some simple installation on their laptops and there is no need for AWS account. Programs will run locally -

About the speaker:

Alex is Vice President of Science and Distinguished Scientist at AWS. Alex is recognized as one of the world’s top machine learning experts. He comes to AWS after helping grow the widely respected machine learning department at Carnegie Mellon, where he still holds a professorship.

Alex is a prolific and widely cited author within the academic research community, writing or contributing to 462 titles with 75,000+ citations


Bridge i2i

Umiya Business Bay, Tower 2,

2nd Floor, Cessna Business Park,

Kadubeesanahalli, Outer Ring Road,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

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