Meetup report: March 2019 Meetup: Special Meetup with Gabe Hollombe

Summary of March 2019 Meetup to Build your own multi-tenant photo album web app

LogMeIn, Bengaluru was geared up to host AWS User Group Bengaluru's Special Meetup with
Gabe Hollombe. It was unbelievable that by 6:15pm the hall was full. LogMeIn Team acted quickly to setup an overflow session in another conference hall with #gotomeeting, their trademark e-meeting solution.

The most awaited session started with a warm welcome by Jeevan Dongre, AWS Community Hero and Lead - AWS User Group Bengaluru and introduced our speaker of the day, Gabe Hollombe, Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, Singapore.

Gabe discussed on building a photo sharing album (web app) using tools/frameworks like #React, #GraphQL, #APIGateway. AWS services like Amplify, Appsync, Cloudformation were also used.

The session was at a brisk pace with live coding using AWS Cloud9 workspace and Gabe articulated & orchestrated that very well with an in depth coverage starting from setup, installation, env configuration and development.

Over & above the renowned technical & training skills, Gabe stunned us with his passion for photography too by photos collection with variety of birds / sparrows as part of the Rekognition Demo.

On the whole, it was a Highly interactive session from start to end.

Here you go with the High level architecture for reference

The step-by-step guide of this hands-on workshop can be accessed from -

Thanks to Rashmi Shreedharan for all the arrangements.

Jeevan ended with a "Thank you, Note" and added details about our upcoming Community Day - 2019 ( ) and announced Call for Proposal.

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AWSUGBLR organizers would like to thank

  • The speakers: Gabe Hollobe, for the live demo
  • Attendees for gathering on a weekday evening for the meet
  • LogMeIn for hosting the meetup and providing stickers, tea/coffee and snacks
  • Runcy Ommen and Bhuvaneswari for contributing to the meetup report

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